Meet The Team

Agency Management

Leslie T Corrigan

Principal Agent

I grew up near Annapolis and graduated from The University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, with a concentration in Genetics. I have been an insurance agent since the summer of 2000 and have been growing ever since. I am licensed in Property & Casualty, Life & Health, and hold my Series 6 and Series 63 licenses. I enjoy reviewing policies and explaining coverages and feel that I’m particularly helpful during the claims process and helping set up new policies.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my kids and their friends. We like to go to the beach, bike, cook/grill, ski and do anything adventurous and my weekends are usually spent at my kid’s sporting events – football, soccer, wrestling, and basketball.

My secret talent would have to be my delicious, fudgy killer brownies that I love to share.

I am very involved with my son’s boy scout troop at All Saints Church in Manassas. I am on the Covenant’s Board in the Braemar Community in Bristow, Virginia and we also volunteer at the local food pantries.


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Liz Teran


I have been working as a Customer Service Representative in the insurance industry since 2011. Before entering the industry, I studied business administration. Helping people is something that really excites me, especially when they don’t understand the language well.

I was born and raised in Bolivia. Dancing is one of my favorite hobbies! Jazz and Ballet are my styles of choice. When I’m not in the office,  you can usually find me spending time with my family and friends. I’m also passionate about helping my community’s most vulnerable neighbors. During my off time, I enjoy working with non-profit organizations dedicated to supporting neglected and abandoned animals.

Tracy Mense

Business Office Administrator

Previous to working in the insurance industry, I worked as a licensing coordinator. What excites me most about working with insurance is being able to help out wherever is necessary and learning new things along the way.

I grew up in the Piedmont/Triad region of North Carolina and I have a B.A. in Psychology. Some of my favorite hobbies and pastimes include hiking, baking, reading, and building lego sets. During my free time, I enjoy hiking through Manassas Battlefield on the weekends or taking my kids to the park and playing with them at the playground.

Britney Fuentes

Administrative Assistant

I’ve been working in the insurance industry since March 2021. Before starting, I had no prior experience in the industry but quickly learned. Currently, I am in the process of getting my license. What excites me most about working with insurance is having the ability to help clients save money and provide them with bilingual services. 

I grew up in Manassas Park, where I later graduated from Manassas Park HS with Honors. Playing soccer is something I love to do! Now that I live in Nokesville, I have two soccer fields down the street. Something people may not know about me is that I sang in an elite choir all through high school and was the captain of my soccer team! During my off time, I enjoy spending time out with my family or exploring with my boyfriend.

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Linda Olguin

Administrative Assistant

I enjoy working as an administrative assistant in the insurance industry. It excites me to work alongside the agents and provide an excellent customer service experience to our clients. 

I grew up in Bolivia and moved to the United States in 2010. Since my time here, I’ve studied Business Administration at NOVA and currently study Business Management at George Mason. 

Being outdoors, going to the beach, hiking, and dancing are all activities I really enjoy doing. Dancing is my guilty pleasure, and during my free time, I love participating in classes. When I’m not in the office, you can usually find me spending time with my family.

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Kathryn Harvill

Marketing Director

I grew up in Westchester County, New York (about 20 miles north of NYC). I studied Communication and Women’s Studies at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. This is also where I met my husband–college sweethearts! 

The Corrigan Insurance Agency is my first experience in the industry. What excites me most about my position here is being able to provide helpful information, while still providing my fun, personal touch. Past jobs have been with a D.C. advertising agency, marketing for a small law firm, a wine business, and events and membership for a local Chamber of Commerce.

During my personal time, I enjoy cooking new recipes and pairing them with different wines. Also, I enjoy spending time with my family playing board games and watching movies. My guilty pleasure is that I have loved the band New Kids On the Block for over 30 years and have been on their cruise 3 times.

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Commercial Lines

Sally E Flores

Commercial Lines Manager

I was born in El Salvador and raised in Fairfax, Virginia. I have been in insurance for the past 16 years. I started as a customer service representative then became licensed in P&C. I worked in personal lines for a few years and then transitioned to commercial lines only. I truly love what I do. I feel like I can make a difference in people’s lives by protecting what’s important to them.

I love spending quality time with my family–I enjoy my husband’s cooking and the great outdoors. In my free time, I enjoy going to the beach, gardening, or doing karaoke with friends.


Paloma Cruz

Associate Agent

I was born and raised in Mexico and moved to Manassas, Virginia when I was seven years old. I started working in the insurance industry when I was 18 years old and I am now going into 6 years in the industry. My favorite thing about my job is being able to help my clients with their insurance needs at reasonable prices. 

In my free time, I enjoy going to the gym to work out or going for a run if the weather is nice. I also enjoy relaxing at home with friends and family. 

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Allison Vallejo

Customer Service Representative

I was born in El Salvador and grew up in Fairfax, Virginia. Believe it or not, but my very first job at 17 was actually here at the Corrigan Insurance Agency. I then left after high school and moved to Pennsylvania. A few years later, I moved back to Virginia and returned to the Corrigan Insurance Agency. What I love most about my job is collaborating with my team in order to meet our customers’ needs. It makes me feel good to know that our clients get what they need fast & efficiently!

I enjoy doing many things in my free time–but I would have to say my favorite thing is photography. Even though I’m no professional, it’s fun and relaxing to take photos. 

A fun fact about me is that I actually own a boutique! I make homemade candles, body scrubs, and more!  

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Kimberly Quevedo

Customer Service Representative

I grew up in Guatemala City, Guatemala and I moved to the United States in March 2015. I have taken CIS (Computer Information System) classes for over 10 years and I am studying Business Administration.

My favorite thing about working at the Corrigan Insurance Agency is learning how the insurance industry works and being able to help my clients with their needs. With a great team like ours, there’s never a dull day at the office!

In my free time, I enjoy cooking and watching movies with my family. I also enjoy exploring nature trails around the city with my friends. 

(703) 361-0233

Enaris Prudot

Commercial Agent

I grew up in Virginia but I am originally from Honduras. My experience in the insurance industry has been such a pleasant learning journey for me. My passion is helping my customers with their business insurance needs.

I really enjoy watching movies, going to the gym, and discovering new places. My favorite way to spend a weekend is relaxing at my house, shopping at the mall, or enjoying all the nature that our parks have to offer. 

(703) 361-0233

Yazmin Funes

Commercial Administrative Assistant

I grew up in Manassas, Virginia. I was working in the medical field for a couple of years before deciding to change career paths to insurance. It has been an exciting journey for me and I love working with the Corrigan Insurance Agency. I enjoy my position of Administrative Assistant because I can utilize my OCD to work its magic!

I’m very family orientated. I love spending time with my 3 daughters and can talk about all the fun things I do with them for hours. I volunteer at a lot of their school activities and programs. A fun fact about me is that I can spend hours cleaning and reorganizing! 


(703) 361-0233

Steven Flores

Commercial Lines Administration

I grew up in Bealeton, Virginia, and graduated from Liberty High School. I am relatively new to the insurance industry but very excited to begin this learning journey. Knowing that I am helping the clients as well as the company by doing my job excites me most.

I enjoy trying new foods and seeing new sights. I’d love to travel in the future. A fun fact about me in that I enjoy collecting Funko Pops and watching anime. On the weekend, you can find me hanging out at the mall, eating at a restaurant, or spending time with friends and family.

Personal Lines

Kenia Portillo

My experience in the insurance industry is not much, but I know that it is an amazing industry where I get to help and socialize with amazing people. What most excites me about my job is working as a team to get the job done right. There are so many opportunities to learn presented to me each day. I  love that part of my contribution can cause a smile on our customers.

I grew up mainly in Virginia, but I have also lived in New York and Maryland. I personally really enjoy requoting our customers because I can get the customer a low price, which makes them happy! I can never stop talking about how grateful I am for our customers, and it truly brings me joy. My favorite thing to do is socialize/interact with people. My job isn’t really a job in my eyes; it is a pleasure to be here working with customers.

When I am not working, I love to spend time with family and friends. It is very important to spend time with loved ones.

I volunteer for my Holy Trinity Church. As a team, I have made mats for homeless people out of plastic bags, participating in a parade, and recycling in public parks. I am passionate about God and making people aware of ways they can help because every person has an impact.

(703) 361-0233

Ana Lorena Olsen

Personal Lines Manager

I grew up in Costa Rica and studied business management. I’ve worked in the insurance industry for 15 years and am licensed in Life and Health, as well as Property and Casualty.

I love helping others and firmly believe in this industry it’s especially important to know what you are paying for.

When I’m not at the agency, I enjoy traveling, cooking, decorating, walking, bowling, reading and watching movies.
Of course, I do have a guilty pleasure and it is shopping! I’m passionate about collecting food for the poor.

(703) 361-023

Tia Mehmeti

Personal Lines Sales Agent

I was born and raised in Kosovo and moved to the United States in 2009. I have been in the insurance industry with the Corrigan Agency since 2015 and I truly enjoy what I do. I love helping clients understand their policy coverages and being able to offer the best coverage at an affordable price.

In my free time, I enjoy working out at the gym and traveling. A fun fact about me is that I speak English, Albanian and Spanish.


(703) 361-0233

Lourdes Iraheta

Associate Agent

Working at the Corrigan Insurance Agency is a great pleasure because I truly get to do what I love with a great team. Serving and getting to know my clients and their family needs is definitely my favorite benefit. 

I can’t stop talking about international food! I love to grab new recipes online and from cooking shows and test them out in my kitchen. It is incredible to explore and learn about different cultures through food. My favorite way to spend a weekend is enjoying outdoor activities with my family.

(703) 361-0222

Alberto Arias-Stella

Customer Service Representative

I grew up in Lima, Peru before relocating here to the states. I have been in the United States for more than 15 years now. My first experience in the insurance industry was in the Corrigan Insurance Agency. I’m really passionate about what I do and it is exciting to work with such a dedicated team! I truly enjoy providing my customers with a great experience and making sure they are properly covered.

One of my secret hidden talents would have to be salsa dancing. I grew up listening to a lot of salsa music and it reminds me of my upbringing in Peru. When I am not working, you can find me at the park walking my dogs and enjoying nature.

(703) 361-0233

Carlos Sibrian Galicia

Associate Agent

I was born in Santa Ana, El Salvador and I started working in the business from the age of fourteen.

I have been trained in computer systems, strategic business management, and I have had the opportunity to study in other countries such as Japan, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and the United States. In the last 4 years, I have worked in the field of insurance for business and personal lines. I enjoy helping to protect families, providing them with professional advice, so that they can acquire insurance policies with the appropriate coverage according to their needs.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling as a family, visiting natural areas, and doing a few sports. God blesses us every moment, that’s why I attend church, at least, on the weekend.

(703) 361-0233


Hugo Ordonez

Associate Agent

I grew up in San Salvador, El Salvador, and came to the U.S. when I was 23. I have 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, specializing in commercial insurance, personal lines insurance, and small financial products. What excites me most about the contribution I can make is my direct effect on people’s lives by handling their insurance needs. I want to make sure that all of my clients truly have the protection that they need.

I am also very passionate about soccer and volunteer as a soccer coach. On the weekends, I can be found at a soccer field watching my son play or any good soccer game in town. I also enjoy going to the movie theater and playing other outdoor sports.

(703) 361-0233


Elias Murillo

Technology Division Insurance Lead

I have lived in Manassas, Virginia since the age of seven. I graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Global Affairs and completed additional extensive coursework in science and technology. My journey into the world of insurance began in 2010 to 2013. After a break from insurance to attain my degree, I came back to insurance in 2018 and have been working in insurance ever since then. I love being able to give my clients the peace of mind they deserve. I love being able to come to the office, or work from home, and knowing that I am a part of a team that truly enjoys what they do.

I also love, and I do mean LOVE, coffee. If I am not at the office, I am probably relaxing with family or attending church. I love being able to assist in my church community’s fundraiser events.

(703) 361-0233