Landlord Insurance

What Is It?

For many, the idea of owning a rental property that can yield consistent returns is a wonderful objective and, indeed, can be an indication of one coming into his or her own. Not only can the property itself increase in monetary worth over time, but there is someone for whom you can provide a home and who will also assist in paying down the property mortgage in a relatively quick time. All those positives being said, it is no small investment and quite a potential risk, financially speaking, so indeed said investment should be looked into for some good landlord insurance protection.


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Who Is It For?

This kind of insurance is tailored for those who own income-producing rental properties and is designed to endow the property owner with a wide range of coverage protections that all can help in providing financial protection to both the owner and the property itself.

Types of Protection

Owning a property in which you are also managing one or more tenants, it is obviously crucial that said tenant(s) be able to consistently pay the rent in order that you can also pay your mortgage, property taxes, and other expenses that come with owning and managing properties. Rental Loss Insurance, which is arguably one of the most important coverage components in regards to insurance for landlords, can provide you with cash flow should your property be temporarily unable to provide income due to a fire or some other loss-inducing event or peril. This will usually be included as part of a property’s insurance policy.

Another kind of insurance coverage protection that can be very helpful is rent guarantee insurance. This kind of insurance does not payout in the event that the covered property is damaged, rather it provides you with financial protection should your active tenant simply stop paying his or her rent. Keep in mind that covering these additional and unexpected costs are not only terrific protections to include in your policy but often your lender will mandate all or some of them.

Liability Protection

In owning a rental property, you will be assuming liability for the simple reason that you have a tenant living on your property. Due to the risks inherent in taking on such a high level of liability, carrying a landlord insurance policy can mean the difference between living comfortably and stress-free or, possibly, facing financial ruin. This protection can give you the protection you need should your tenant, or visitor of your tenant somehow becomes injured while being on your property. This can sometimes end in huge losses as a result of a settlement or trial. Without the proper coverage, (and in being forced to pay out-of-pocket), the consequences can be disastrous.