Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

It’s expected that anyone who owns a home will purchase homeowners’ coverage. However, most people who rent never think about protecting their belongings. Even if your landlord has coverage, that doesn’t cover the personal belongings in your apartment. You are responsible for your belongings, and your landlord is not.


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When you rent an apartment, you don’t own the building or the land. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t need insurance. In addition to your belongings, you also have to think about liability. The landlord is responsible for injuries occurring in common areas, but not accidents within your apartment. You could face huge financial damages if someone is hurt in your apartment.

Some coverage even includes protection from unauthorized transactions on your credit cards. Apartments are popular targets for thieves. In most cases, a thief can easily gain access to an apartment to steal your belongings – this includes your credit cards.

Many mishaps can occur when you live in an apartment. There could be a fire caused by another tenant. There could be a flood upstairs that harms your apartment. You could even have a neighbor who breaks into your apartment. It helps to have renter’s insurance to make sure you are protected financially from mishaps.