RV Insurance

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational vehicle insurance is coverage for recreational vehicles, also known as RVs. These vehicles are generally not used for everyday use. Instead, they are specifically for recreational activities – such as driving cross country on vacation.


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Who Is It For?

This coverage is for anyone who owns a legal recreational vehicle. Even if you don’t often use the vehicle, it is still important to purchase coverage. This is especially important when the recreational vehicle will be used in public spaces.

Like most insurance, the policyholder receives assistance from the insurance company upon filing a claim. This claim will stipulate payment for injuries and damage incurred involving the recreational vehicle. Damage to the vehicle will also be considered. As in all insurance cases, the insurance company will verify the claim before honoring it.


There are different coverage options available. You can get the most basic coverage, which is usually a liability. Or you can choose more extensive coverage that provides more protection. The key is to research different types of policies and choose one that best suits your needs.


Recreational vehicle insurance is beneficial because it provides you with financial protection. In the event of an accident or other mishap with your RV, you know you’re covered. Without this protection, you could end up paying hefty out of pocket expenses.