Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

If you own or are buying a motorcycle, then you need to get motorcycle insurance. In most states, you need insurance before you can legally drive on public streets. Insurance is beneficial not only for you but for other people who might have an accident with you.


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Liability Coverage

If you can’t afford anything else, liability coverage is what you should get. It is the minimum that a rider needs in order to legally operate the bike. This coverage can be further broken down into bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Bodily injury pays for expenses such as medical bills and loss of wages due to injuries. Property damage helps pay for repair or replacement of items damaged in an accident or collision.

If you can afford it, then think about additional coverage for further protection. Personal injury protection for the rider and their passengers is popular. This is a good idea because motorcycle accidents often cause severe trauma.

Even if you don’t drive your motorcycle daily, you still need motorcycle insurance. Remember, in most states, you can’t even drive legally without insurance. Also, an accident can happen at any time. Motorcycles need insurance coverage the same as a car does. You’re taking a gamble by driving a motorcycle and not having insurance.