Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental insurance fills holes left by other insurance policies. In other words, it covers things that traditional primary insurance policy might not. It is a good investment for a person who needs additional coverage. It is most common as an addition to medical insurance. However, it’s possible to get supplemental insurance for different types of policies.


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How It Works

The supplemental policy kicks in after the primary insurance package stops paying. Or it kicks in when there is something the primary insurance doesn’t cover. Supplemental protection works together with another primary insurance package, so the two cannot cover the same thing at the same time. However, a supplemental package can be used to cover the deductible a primary insurance package requires.

You need to speak with an insurance specialist to learn about types of coverage. What supplemental insurance covers depends on the type of insurance it’s working with. You need to know if you’re getting supplemental coverage to work with medical insurance or some other type of policy.


The best thing about supplemental insurance is it helps pay expenses that a traditional policy doesn’t cover. It can also help pay deductibles. A policyholder can save a great deal of money when pairing a good supplemental policy with a traditional policy.