Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance

A condo is similar to an apartment. The biggest difference is that the tenant owns the condo unit in which they live. Just like when you have a home, you need insurance to protect your space. That is the purpose of condo insurance – it allows people who live in condos to buy insurance protection.

The coverage is specifically for the unit where you live, and not the entire building. Your policy covers your belongings and the fixtures in your living space. Your policy might also cover the walls and what’s on them. You can also get personal liability coverage to protect you from an event such as someone getting injured while in your condo.


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How it Works

When your belongings or condo is damaged in some way, then you must contact your insurer and file a claim. The insurer will check to see if your claim is valid. If it is, then you will receive payment. If it’s a personal liability claim, then the insurer will represent you in negotiations and court if necessary. If you must pay, then the insurance will pay all or some of the amount.

Is it Necessary?

If you live in a condo, then having insurance is a good idea. The building owner’s insurance doesn’t cover you or your belongings. So it’s up to you to get coverage.


Condo policies are either all-in or bare-walls. An all-in policy covers everything in your unit, including the walls and what’s in them, such as the pipes. A bare-walls policy covers your possessions and fixtures. You should check with your condo association to see what their policy covers. You might not need the all-in policy.


Condo insurance is beneficial because it covers your belongings. It also helps by providing liability coverage.