Fanny Mendez

I grew up here in Virginia and attended NOVA Community College. I have worked in many fields, and have certifications in both PCA (to work in Hospice) and CDA (to work in Early Childhood Education). I am new to the Insurance Industry, but I always strive to work in fields that help others who are in need.

What excites me most about working here would be my peers. The work ethic, commitment to helping others, and care that they put into their work every day inspires me to be the best I can be and work hard! My ultimate goal is to help people. I cherish the fact that I get to build relationships with everyone that comes by needing help with their policies or with translation. I’m happy I get to work in a place that gives me the opportunity to help others.

I enjoy music, and I am a singer in a band. I can’t play an instrument, even though I have two guitars, a clarinet, and even owned a piano at one point. There is always time to learn, however! If I’m not at work, I am out watching movies or shows. I enjoy museums and exploring, and I love the outdoors. If I could spend every weekend on the beach I would!