Stephanie Mendez

I was born in Alexandria, VA, but was raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I came to the States when I was 18. I have been working in customer service since my first job, and I gathered all my customer service skills through my previous jobs as a supervisor. I enjoy assisting customers which is why I found that this job fits me perfectly. My goal in this position is to acquire all of the knowledge that I can in this field in order to provide excellent customer service and the best experience that our client deserves. It is an honor to work here and be part of such a great company.

In my spare time, I enjoy doing Reiki healing for people who need it. I also like to be around nature as much as I can. Last but not least, I cherish spending time with my lovely family.

I find it interesting working in this industry, even though I don’t have previous insurance experience, and I feel this is a great opportunity to expand my insurance career.