The Manassas Children Are Our Future!

Each and every day, there are countless children in our community that end their school day without a place to go to afterward. Oftentimes, parents, caretakers, guardians, and the like are too busy with errands, work, or too tired to provide their children with productive ways to spend their free time. In a perfect world, each kid would have access to resources that would allow them to be able to reach their full potential.

The Manassas Boys & Girls Club, also referred to as the Martin K. Alloy Boys & Girls Club of Manassas, opened in 2005 with the express purpose of providing mentorship, resources, and a variety of programs to the children in our community who need it most! This essential organization offers affordable before and after care and a plethora of programs focused on education, character building, health, the arts, and more. Today, they are serving “nearly 1,200 members and many more through community outreach” which makes such an impactful difference!

At Corrigan Insurance, we truly believe that children are our future and that they deserve and need all of the support they can get! It is for that reason that we are committing to donate $10 to the Martin K. Alloy Boys & Girls Club of Manassas for every referral you send to our agency for a no-obligation quote. With your help, we can do our part to be #AgentsofChange! So, what do you say? How many names can you give?