Hometown Heroes

During the holiday season, it is especially apparent to look around and be thankful for common necessities such as food, shelter, education, and the clothes on our backs. However, for many, these “common” necessities are not always so common. For those in need, foundations like the House of Mercy are so crucial to help them get through tough times and situations. 

For 15+ years House of Mercy has been serving the Manassas and surrounding communities in a number of ways. Many look to them for valuable material goods such as a food pantry to provide meals and cooking supplies, clothing assistance, back to school supplies, and a Christmas to remember to those who wouldn’t have had otherwise. On top of all this great work, they provide useful resources that help with job placement, cooking classes, help with obtaining a GED, and information on housing, healthcare, and financial assistance. 

When we heard about all the great work House of Mercy does, we couldn’t wait to get involved. They make it super easy to help by donating food products/clothing items, volunteering your time, or making a financial contribution. If these options aren’t feasible for you, we’ve got you covered. We’ll donate $10 on your behalf for each and every person you send our way for a no-obligation quote. Now more than ever, it is especially important to represent your community as a hometown hero because your contribution will help ensure that no one this organization is able to reach goes without the joy of a holiday meal.